Made with :heart:, Go, and You!

We are all committed to making an easy-to-use, efficient and free text editor for everyone.

The backend itself is written in Go. If you want to have a try at fixing some issues we encounter, go ahead and fork the project! If you need help at any point, just come up on IRC to discuss with the others. Lime is still in an early stage but it is evolving along quickly.

The frontend is written in whatever GUI language suits you! At the moment there are termbox, Qt (QML) and HTML/JavaScript implementations. Dart and Skia are in discussion. If one of these languages appeals to you, feel free to push the task forward and contribute to the codebase!

The website is statically generated via Jekyll on GitHub Pages. Fluent English writers are important to us as well, since Wikis and Documentation need to be written. The story of the Lime has to be told. :smile: