2014 Jul 22 — Bountysource

Only because the software is for free, it does not mean you have to work for free. Only because you can’t code, it does not mean you can’t contribute. From the depths of the World Wide Web - Bountysource comes to the rescue. Claim or put a bounty, it is...

2014 Feb 28 — Website Redesign!

Since Lime Text is gradually converging towards more stable releases (binaries?), I thought I would have a shot at improving its website so that it gains more visibility. So here it is! I cleaned up the existing code and dropped some existing dependency burden. The actual website is now simpler...

2013 Dec 24 — We now have an IRC channel

We believe that being able to discuss with each other in something important in an open project like ours. We have set up an IRC channel, #limetext on Freenode. Come discuss Lime development! PS: Merry Christmas to everyone!

2013 Dec 07 — We now use Pure!

Pure is a small set of responsive CSS modules. You can see the project repository here (licensed under YUI License).

2013 Nov 27 — We now have a Website!

We want to bring you an Open Source text editor with great capabilities, as a successor to Sublime Text. We use Jekyll as a static site generator fully integrated into GitHub Pages. Feel free to contribute! Check out Jekyll docs for more info on how to get the most out...